The Ultimate Test of a Woman's Character...

Photo by sparktography. planning her wedding.

I view large, elaborate weddings with a touch of amusement. It's gone too far (as it usually seems to do) when the bride spends the weeks before the wedding stressed out over dresses and menus, rather than in pleasant anticipation and having fun with her fiance. And it's interesting how the groom plays merely a (minor) supporting role in the wedding planning.

It's been some years since the term "Bridezilla" entered the language. Thing is, the bride is encouraged by everyone around her to think of the wedding as her day (again, the groom is an afterthought). Everyone else steps back and the bride is bound by nothing but her own self-restraint. Surely this is revealing, to see where she goes when driven purely by her own impulses. See this article which mentions a bride who expected her bridesmaids to have breast-enhancement surgery. Not every bride does this--that's the point. It's a test.

One could imagine a whole new branch of psychoanalysis, which analyzes women's psyches by their wedding arrangements.

And, of course, there is a corresponding occasion for men, which reveals the core of their character. I just haven't figured out what it is yet.

Practical Joke #4

Photo by marie b.

1. Go to a car dealer and tell them you're shopping for a new car. Tell them you want to take a test drive. The smaller and lighter the model of car, the better.

2. Once in the car, out on the open road, with the salesman seated next to you, start making some idle chit-chat.

3. Segue into the Christopher Walken speech from Annie Hall. If you don't recall, it goes something (very loosely) like this: "Sometimes when I see a big truck coming I get this sudden urge to swerve into its path. I imagine the purifying flames coursing through my body...." It helps if you let your eyes glaze over and speak in trancelike tones.

4. For bonus points, wait until you see a truck coming and make the slightest of feints toward the left with the steering wheel.