Batman's Sock Drawer

So look what happens at about 1:15 into the following video segment:

Notice what you do not see here: Batman opening a drawer and rummaging through it... "Where is that grappling hook?" That would be bad. Assuming he locates it eventually, he would be distracted and hardly in shape to run out and confront the Joker.

Switching movies for a minute, consider the (hypothetical) mind-expanding pill that forms the basis for Limitless. What is the first thing that Eddie Morra does after taking the pill and becoming a genius? He cleans up his apartment.

Note also that Paul Kyriazi's Rule 3 of the James Bond Lifestyle is: "My base of operations is clean and organized."

A clean, uncluttered environment promotes a peaceful and efficient mind. Or conversely, a cluttered environment is stressful and depressing. Women seem to understand this intuitively better than men, and sometimes cope with stress or melancholy by cleaning house. This is a good idea. It takes little mental or physical energy and promotes a feeling of well-being.

But let's get back to Batman and his organizational skills. Notice how everything he needs is right there. All he need do is reach out and pick it up.

What do you want to bet that Bruce Wayne's sock drawer is just as organized? No digging through the drawer looking for the socks with the little bats on them. All he does is open the drawer and immediately he sees his favorite socks.

You may think you are managing pretty well by at least keeping your socks in a separate drawer from your spoons, but why not level up your life is a small way by organizing your sock drawer like Batman? Thanks to one of the deleted scenes, which inexplicably consists of twenty minutes of Alfred folding laundry, I can now demonstrate for you just how Batman folds his socks:

You can then lay them out in your drawer just like Batman's supply of ninja-bat-stars. Perhaps, though, you have so many socks that the bottom of the drawer is covered before you run out of socks. I can suggest two ways of handling this.

One is to put the socks in edgewise, so that they take about 1/4 the horizontal space. You can fit four times as many socks and still see all of them at the same time. If you still don't have enough room, then face it, you have just too many socks.

The other option (which I use) is to stack socks as necessary, but always stack like on top of like (since I have several identical pairs). Then you can always see one of each type at a glance.

I confess to being inspired somewhat by decluttering guru Marie Kondo, although I haven't read or watched enough of her to actually copy anything. Marie Kondo is about the least Batman-like figure you can imagine, but I gather she does present a spiritual aspect to decluttering.

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