"How to Get a Superhero Body in 90 Days or Less!"

Which is the title of an article over at GQ. The article appears to be 50% sensible health advice and 50% mocking the whole idea of getting into shape.

Part of the irony is that the author's wife is not at all happy that he gets into shape, ha-ha. Because she then feels pressured by implication. Here is a sample quote (I wish I were making this up):

You have a ripping six-pack, but it's a little gross. You ever see those pictures of Madonna? She's like 50 and made of sinew. You look like that.

Is this supposed to be funny? Insightful? Can you imagine this situation with the genders reversed? Wife decides to slim down and get into shape. Husband is opposed because he doesn't want the implied pressure to get himself into shape. Then when wife succeeds, husband calls her "gross."

Do such husbands exist? Indeed they do. I know because I've seen them on Dr. Phil. The difference is that a husband who takes this attitude is universally recognized as selfish and abusive, and nobody find it amusing.

Read the GQ article. It suggests that this attitude among wives is pretty widespread. (My limited personal experience does not back this up.)

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