Resolutions 2020

I've got to learn from the greats, earn my right to be living, with every breath that I take, every heartbeat...

My list of resolutions for this year is shorter than some previous years. Why so? I'm not sure; perhaps it reflects an evolving strategy of prioritization.

1. Simplify my life. Reduce the number of my possessions. Drastically reduce my stack of unread books. Complete or abandon unfinished tasks. Extend the make-your-bed principle (I do make my bed) to keeping my various inboxes clear and relentlessly chipping away at my to-do list.

2. Hit the gym about 25% more often, no matter how busy I get. Every year for everyone should include at least one fitness-related goal. I'm optimistic about this one, because actually I've put it into effect for several weeks, and I'm seeing the results.

3. Start a new language. Most likely this will be Persian. It's not the first time I have "started" Persian, but circumstances are more favorable this time. Notably I have found an excellent italki teacher for Persian.

4. Continue improving my Vietnamese. After two years of assiduous study, I can have meaningful conversations. This is satisfying and at the same time stimulates my awareness of what I miss out on by not communicating better.

5. Make significant progress on my digital-imaging research project. (My day job)

6. Spend at least five minutes a day writing this blog. May not seem like much, but it should allow for significant progress.

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